Long Covid

This joint protocol provides the basis for a consistent approach to management at the workplace of those individuals medically diagnosed as having long COVID.

Workplace Reps

Whether in a school, college or elsewhere in the education service, the role of the workplace representative (rep) is a vital one for the National Education Union.

Reps Training

For every type of rep, we have
a comprehensive support and development programme for you to build your skills and confidence in union work.


Whether in a school, college or elsewhere in the education service, the role of the Workplace Representative (Rep) is a vital one for the National Education Union. Our Reps help us build the union and support our members.

Whatever the scope of your role - from ensuring posters, advice and guidance are displayed on the staff noticeboard, to liaising directly with the head teacher or principal, to representing your work colleagues - we could not function without you.

Our NEU Representatives in schools and colleges are critical to the success of the National Education Union. They are often the first point of contact for members and can be involved in:

  • being the public face of the NEU
  • recruiting new members to the Union
  • representing member's concerns to senior management
  • mobilising members

Download the guide below to find out more.

No NEU Rep at your school?  Then why not

Find a Course:

Click to scroll to the relevant section, then find a course in your region.

Feel daunted to be a rep?  We don't expect our representatives to do this alone, we provide a high-quality programme of training which will enable you to progressively build your skills and confidence in Union work. Reps have a legal entitlement to this training and support will be given where any rep finds difficulty negotiating their time off from work. Whether you are new to the role or a seasoned rep there are various courses available for you to gain valuable experience.  As well as Haringey NEU providing local training for reps in Haringey there are excellent training courses provided nationally by the NEU.

Accessing your school's NEU membership list:

All Reps have secure access to the list of members in their workplace, and lets you notify us of any changes. 

Before you can access a list of your members you need to register and set up a password  -  become a rep

Once registered, access the NEU workplace representatives tool here.

At present this self-registration tool is only open to members paying their subscription by Direct Debit. If you have problems registering please call the Helpdesk on
0845 300 1666 or 020 7380 6366 between 9am and 5pm, Monday – Friday.

Local Training for Haringey NEU Reps

We provide a training course every term for our School Representatives where you can get valuable help, advice and training on current issues and it's also a great opportunity for you to see the Secretary of Haringey NEU and to ask any questions on issues you may be experiencing or witnessing at your school.

Training sessions are always on a Friday and begin at 1pm. As our Rep you will be allocated a place on these official union training courses and you will have a statutory entitlement to time off with pay, during working hours, for training related to your role. In the event of any difficulty getting time off to attend our training sessions, please get in touch with us.

Sessions take place at 1.00pm

NEU Office Meeting Room

Details will be emailed to all Reps in advance of the training sessions.

Lunch is provided

School Workplace Reps have a right to attend training and should apply as soon as possible to the headteacher for leave of absence to attend. A standard letter for this will be emailed to all Reps. Reps should give this to their headteacher and complete the usual leave of absence form as soon as possible.

This guide aims to set out some of the rights and responsibilities and activities a Workplace Rep can get involved in.