We can answer general queries and also give advice, support and representation on any matter affecting you at work, both for individuals and collective issues.

Our preferred mode of communication is email, but we do appreciate that not everyone finds this accessible. It saves a lot of time particularly with complex issues, such as pay assessments, disciplinary or capability issues, if you can let us have full documentation in advance.

Ed Harlow - Haringey District Secretary
 & Case Worker
020 8489 4525 (office)

07510 964 608 (mobile)

Efe Kurtluoglu - District Assistant Secretary & Case Worker

Paul Power - Past President & Case Worker

Niall O'Connor - Case Worker

Kim Slater - Retired Section Secretary, Minutes Secretary
020 8489 5870 (office)

07951 574 141 (mobile)

President (2024-25) - Shaniqua Edwards-Hayde

Vice President (2024-25) - Lucy Cane

Ex President (2023-24) - Naomi Durbin

Treasurer - Pat McCulloch

Equalities, LGBT+ & Women - Lucy Cane

Black Educators - Cosmas Ncube

NPYW & Media - Shaniqua Edwards-Hayde

NPYW - Patrick Nielsen

NPYW = New Professionals Young Workers

Ayla Mustafa - District Admin / Office Manager
020 8489 5693 (office)

It is important that we have up to date details to ensure that you receive important information from Haringey NEU.  We prefer to email our members as this is the quickest and environmentally the best method of communication so please make sure your email address is valid.  If you need to update any of your details please let the records department know at or you can do this in MyNEU

London East Regional Office
All members are also entitled to seek advice and support from the Regional Office. We will also refer serious issues, involving potential loss of employment, to Regional Office. We do ask though that once a case has been allocated to a particular caseworker (whether at Regional Office or a Haringey NEU officer) that you avoid asking other colleagues to become involved.

020 8477 1234

Get in touch

If you have a query or need advice you can get in touch via this secure and confidential form below and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.