Haringey NEU is committed to equality and the promotion of diversity amongst its members. The NEU recognise that discrimination is unacceptable and so is against all forms of discrimination based on race, sex, gender, disability or religion.

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Black Educators

Structural barriers such as racism, including assumptions about capabilities based on racial/ethnic stereotypes, are every day experiences for BAME educators.


The NEU works with disabled education professionals and pupils to abolish disablism and discrimination.

LGBT+ equality

LGBT+ education professionals, pupils and families are vital members of all nursery, school and college communities and of our union.

Make sure that you receive information about NEU equality events and conferences and about the equality constituency seat elections for the National Executive. If you have not told the Union about your ethnicity, sexual orientation, trans status, or disability status etc, you may miss out on important information from us.

Go to My NEU to update your membership details to ensure you are fully informed. The information that you provide us will remain strictly confidential. The data will form the basis of anonymous statistical reports which will help us identify trends in workplaces and barriers to participation in the Union’s structures.

* Black – The NEU uses the term Black as an inclusive term to signify the anti-racist organising of all African, African Caribbean, Asian people and all those that face racism as a result of the colour of their skin.